More Power, More Performance, More Connectivity

Expanding upon the groundbreaking IDEC FC6A Micro PLC, the FC6A Plus can control large machines or entire small-scale manufacturing facilities with:

  • Up to 2060 I/O, with a maximum of 511 analog I/O
  • Extremely fast basic instruction execution of 21 nanoseconds
  • 800 kB (100K steps) of program memory
  • Extensive data memory, more than double the capacity of a typical micro PLC

MicroSmart FC6A Plus Brochure

Download Brochure (PDF)

MicroSmart FC6A Plus Datasheet

Download datasheet (PDF)

MicroSmart FC6A Plus

  • 16 I/O

  • 32 I/O

Superior Design

Ultimate Performance

Fast Execution Time

Processing time for Basic instruction


2 times faster than FC6A All-In-One


2.5 times faster than FC5A Slim

  • 21ns

    FC6A Plus

  • 42ns

    FC6A All-in-One

  • 56ns

    FC5A Slim

  • 700ns

    FC5A All-in-One

  • 1000ns


Maximum 2,060 Digital and 511 Analog I/O

Up to 63 digital I/O expansion modules can be configured.

FC6A Plus FC6A All-in-One FC5A Slim FC5A All-in-One FC4A FT1A
Maximum Digital I/O 2,060 520 512 88 512 48
Maximum Analog I/O 511 126 56 32 56 6
Thumbnail Image 1
Thumbnail Image 1

Enormous 800kB (100,000 steps) programming memory

Handle large and more sophisticated program for bigger systems

Program Capacity (kByte)

  • FC6A Plus

  • FC6A All-in-One

  • FC5A Slim

  • FC5A All-in-One

  • FC4A

  • FT1A

Abundant Data Memory

You get more of everything!

Maximum 33 Serial Communication Ports

With the new combo RS232C/RS485 expansion module, up to 15 modules can be configured on the FC6A Plus system. Since both RS232C and RS485 can be used in parallel, a maximum of 30 serial communication ports can be configured. With 2 additional ports can be configured in the Expansion Base Module, a total of 33 serial communication ports can be utilized in the FC6A Plus system.

Built-in Real Time Clock

The MicroSmart PLC has a built-in real-time clock. Alternatively, the PLC can obtain time information from an SNTP server for time-based applications such as lighting controls.

Upgradable Firmware for CPU and expansion modules

The CPU and expansion modules have field-upgradeable firmware, making it easy to keep the MicroSmart PLC up to date.

  • Always get the latest features
  • No need to worry about old modules that not compatible with new features
  • Your machines can stay ahead of the curve years down the road

IIoT Ready

iOS and Android App

These free apps provide quick and convenient remote monitoring and control from smartphones and tablets. Users can upload and download PLC programs; monitor and update PLC status, data registers, internal relays, timers and counters, etc.; save, retrieve, and send files in cloud database such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.; access logged data and manage files in SD memory card; and download system firmware.



FTP Communication

MicroSmart FC6A Plus CPU can be configured as FTP Client or Server to allow transferring of ladder program and logged data between company server and MicroSmart FC6A. It’s an convenient and effective way to remotely stay on top of your control system.

Bluetooth Communication

Bluetooth wireless communication with the MicroSmart FC6A Plus CPU can be established using the optional Bluetooth cartridge. Use your laptop/PC to monitor, download, and upload program wirelessly. Use your iOS and/or Android devices with Program File Manager tool to manage data in the PLC. Device such as bar code reader that’s equipped with Bluetooth capability can also be configured to communicate with the MicroSmart FC6A Plus CPU.

Web Server Functions

  • The user can easily be connected to the FC6A using standard web browser on a PC or any mobile devices. A standard web page or custom web page can be accessed to monitor and update any PLC parameters.
  • A built-in web page template is available if the user does not need to build his own.
  • Custom web pages also can be constructed using the built-in web page editor in WindLDR software.
    • The FC6A Plus has a built-in 5MB of memory to store the user’s web page.
    • Additional memory can be utilized using optional SD memory card that supports up to 32GB.


Modbus TCP and RTU protocol

FC6A supports both Modbus TCP and RTU. It can be easily be configured to be a Client (master) or Server (slave) on the Modbus network.

BACnet Protocol

  • BACnet is a communications protocol for building automation and control systems such as heating, and air-conditioning control (HVAC), lighting control, access control, and fire detection systems and their associated equipment
  • Building automation control protocol is now supported in the native Ethernet port of the MicroSmart FC6A Plus CPU.


Web Page Editor

WindLDR version 8+ introduced a new Web Page Editor where anyone can use it to create professional and dynamic web pages to monitor and control the MicroSmart FC6A PLC.